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Ronaldinho undergone dental surgery




After winning the Copa Libertadores last month, Ronaldinho decided to tackle his teeth. The Ballon d'Or in 2005 performed a surgery to correct the problem who participated in the legend.

We'll have to mourn the incomparable smile of Ronaldinho. The Brazilian footballer has undergone cosmetic surgery to the gums and teeth, said Tuesday his brother and agent ensuring that this would not prevent him from playing with his club Atletico Mineiro normally.

The former Barcelona player has been asked for porcelain veneers cover the front teeth with the aim to "conceal" aesthetic problems. Ronaldinho has big teeth positioned well forward and gums prominent.

"Ronaldinho is training normally. Everything is normal, it was a normal medical examination as part of the treatment and does not compromise to affect his performance on the field”, said his brother Roberto Assis, quoted by Globo Esporte website.

Ronaldinho's agent did not give details on the operation, but the result can be seen on Thursday during the match between Atletico Mineiro and Bahaia Championship in Brazil. One thing is for sure, with his teeth, it's a bit myth for Ronaldinho to disappear.

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