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Specialist dentists warn against ‘quick fix’ dental solution




As Orthodontic is becoming popular, every period of age person is willing to accept orthodontic in order to have confidence in communication with others.

As part of specialist orthodontist awareness week, the society has highlighted the pitfalls for some of those people and adults who go down the private route.
Dentistd have warned against the “quick fix solution” offered by so-called six month smile clinics at home and abroad.
The OSI say that many of the treatments offered at such clinics are offered by dentists inexperienced in providing orthodontic treatment but who are claiming to give a beautiful smile in six months or less. This is much faster than the comprehensive individual treatment usually required to treat crowded and crooked teeth to get teeth fully corrected, they say.
“There is a lot more to orthodontists than getting your front teeth straightened. Most patients require longer treatments and you will need a better outcome,” experts said. 
Sometimes something can’t reach your expected result if you do it quickly. So for owning attractive teeth please avoid ‘quick fix’ dental solutions.

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