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Dentalget.com knowledge for dental equipment maintenance

Dental equipment is the most important asset for dentist, and if it is often out of order, not only bring a lot of inconvenience for our work, and will greatly enhance the use cost.  We understand some dental equipment maintenance knowledge which will not only greatly improve efficiency, but also can greatly reduce our cost. Below I briefly introduce various commonly used dental equipment maintenance tips.

1 dental handpiece
Before working every day please drop oil from the dental handpiece handset, and then put dental handpiece on a comprehensive treatment table then turn around so that lubricating oil into the movement. Monthly open the dental handpiece's back cover, remove the movement, with no aqueous alcohol wash, dry fuel.

2 comprehensive treatment units
Adjust its output of each head pressure, the pressure is too large, it will shorten the life of the dental handpiece. Pressure is required for high-speed dental handpiece 2.0-2.2 kg, low-speed dental handpiece 2.5-2.8. Monthly clean gas and water filters once and avoid gas, water, dirt clogging pipes.

3 pump
The pump output pressure is adjusted to 5-6 kg, too much pressure is easy to make the treatment station tracheal rupture. Weekly emptying a tank of water, so the water tank takes up space, resulting in frequent pump starts. Monthly look at the concept of the oil window, if the oil level is lower than the standard line, pump oil must be added in order to avoid starvation cause crashes.

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