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Luxury queen Madonna gold teeth turn to black teeth




Always walking in the trend of cutting-edge fashion queen Madonna was originally intended to use a diamond gold teeth act as a light to attract everyone's attention, in recent events she open mouth smile before the camera, the gleaming teeth gone past, gold teeth changed to "black teeth".


54-year-old Madonna painted lips charm, homogeneous appearance and her boyfriend, 24 Diamond Tooth indeed very steal the spotlight. It is reported that a tooth backing is not small, made by the New York artist Cap Master who specifically worked for teeth "Dressing Project" , is Madonna tailored personally for all of pure gold, the outer set 24 sparkling diamonds.


In fact, Madonna's diamond purpose is suction eye which we can understand the move, but this is not the shape transformation really get positive energy, negative energy but full of "black blind" everyone eye, it seems natural teeth is the most beautiful, too luxury necessarily bring real beauty.


This "gold braces" is very popular in Hollywood, is seen as a Hip-Pop style unique characteristics, Rihanna, Beyonce, who are the "gold braces" fans. But generally the "golden crowns" of star are made precious stones, gold, platinum or platinum production, like Madonna such a "generous" studded with 24 diamonds, it is relatively rare. That Madonna seems to select 24 bodyguards for these 24 Diamond can not be overstated!


Madonna and boyfriend


From what happened in Madonna, we should recognize a problem that cosmetic dental teeth will produce harm. Heart of beauty is in everyone, so beautiful teeth proper way is critical. U.S. tooth teeth will cause harm, such as: swollen gums, pus overflow, bleeding, obvious odor, discoloration, bite jaw abnormalities, pain, joint disorders. Therefore, the teeth in the United States during the consideration should be to minimize the physiological maximum cosmetic effect.

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